Cleansing for Your Health

How can you tackle a dirty home when your lifestyle craves a cleanse?

Chicago Clean Home’s founder thought the same thing. Not long after New Year’s resolutions kicked off, Chris was meditating on the company’s progress over 2016 and Chicago Clean Home’s slogan: cleaning for your health.

Looking in the mirror, he realized his reflection didn’t represent Chicago Clean Home’s core mission. He vowed that, as owner of this “healthy home” promoting business, he’d address self-improvement first.

This launched an overnight commitment to thumbing through health magazines, browsing fitness blogs, and tracking nutrition tips. Among the growing collection of resources were Men’s Health, Muscle and Fitness, and

fitness equipment

Dr. Jim Stoppani, however, became Chris’s guru. With an online compendium of science-backed fitness geared towards holistic results, Chris knew he’d found a program that would motivate him to reflect Chicago Clean Home’s standards.

As of now, Chris has lost 40 pounds and counting plus approximately 10% in body fat. He credits the majority of his loss to Jim Stoppani’s Summer Shred Challenge. In week 5 of the 8-week program, he can honestly say, he’s never felt better.

Now, Chicago Clean Home challenges YOU.

Shape up, and we’ll pay! If you cut 10% of body fat, we’ll give you a 10% discount on any cleaning service. Lose 20 pounds? We’ll mark down a cleaning by 20%. Whatever way you cleanse, we’ll match it. 

Need advice? Start small! Take inventory of your current nutrition and exercise routines. Unnecessary calories come in many forms like breakroom donuts and sugary drinks. Make conscious efforts to avoid anti-cleanse items. Treat yourself with an activity that benefits you and your body. Walking, running, swimming, weightlifting, dancing. We’ll take care of the cleaning.

The hardest door to open is your own. Chris and Chicago Clean Company urge you to try.

For more details about the challenge, contact

Ready, set, cleanse!

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