Cleaning for a Reason

A cancer diagnosis affects not just a woman’s health but every area of her lifehome included. Dirty dishes, stubborn carpets, and streaky surfaces, while not life threatening, spawn extra clutter and stress, especially when undergoing cancer treatments.

That’s where we come in.

We love cleaning for Chicago, but we especially love having the resources to assist those in desperate need of TLC. After hearing about Cleaning for a Reason’s mission of providing free house cleaning to cancer patients, we immediately grabbed a broom.

pink breast cancer awareness ribbon on womans hands

The nonprofit group reaches both the US and Canada, extending services to women with all types of cancer. By alleviating patients’ “to-do” lists, Cleaning for a Reason allows women to make recovering the highest priority. “They focus on your health, so you can focus on your home.”

Just how much help has the foundation provided so far? Since 2006, they’ve calmed the minds and cleaned the homes of over 25,000 women. With 1,200 participating maid services, they’ve reached $6,500,000 in donated house cleanings.

We’re proud to have contributed and to continue contributing to those numbers. Our partnership with the giving organization adds another dimension to our mission of cleaning for your health, and we couldn’t be happier.

Want to help make a difference? Donate now!

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