Why I am considering a regular cleaning service for my home


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As a full-time working mom of a 3-year-old boy I started to consider hiring a company to clean my home. I do not have a huge apartment to start with, neither do I have a huge income. Most importantly I do not have time to clean but I know the importance of a clean home has on my family’s health.
Let me tell you how a day in my life looks like. I start my day every morning at 6 am to get ready for work before I wake up my son. I get him ready for the day, making breakfast and dropping him off at the daycare. If I am lucky enough I manage to get to work in time at 8 a.m. After my work day is done at 4 pm (sometimes later) I rush to the daycare to pick up my son and then we head home just in time for diner time. While I am cooking diner, my son plays with his toys or he watches a TV show. We eat, then it’s time for bath and reading time. After he goes to bed I am too tired to take my make up off. Next morning, we start all over again.
My husband does all the grocery shopping and he runs the errands during the week. He is helping a lot, as much as he can, considering that most of the time he works overtime. We are trying to handle everything that life throws at us. Now back to cleaning of my home.
I usually spend my Saturdays changing the beds sheets, doing all the laundry and cleaning my home. I am not complaining, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy having a clean home. Truth to be told, before I had my son I was very particular about cleaning. This is how I’ve been raised. I remember my mom cleaning, cooking and doing laundry all the time and us, the kids playing in the back yard. Then, I ask myself, what is my son doing all this time while I am doing all these chores every Saturday. He sits quietly in front of his favorite TV show until he gets bored and starts to play with his toys. He is being very patient and sometimes he even offers to help. “It’s okay”, I tell myself, “I will be done soon and then will go to the playground”. The problem is that when I am done with all these chores I feel too tired to do anything. I get frustrated because I had all this plans for the weekend and now, here I am too tired to go to the playground.
I keep asking myself, at the end of the day, what is more important in life? To make an effort and hire a cleaning company to clean my home or to sacrifice my family and my son in order to save some money? Kids grow up so fast and no matter how much money you have you can buy their happiness.

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